Welcome to FTMA NZ

Our commitment is to deliver the highest standard of timber framing practice in New Zealand

Representing the majority of the prefabricated timber framing industry in New Zealand, we are leading the way to ensure that prefabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses remain the preferred choice for building in New Zealand.

The FTMA has a proactive group of members dedicated to ensuring New Zealand consistently gets the very best quality in finished product.

Timber Framed Homes- The Right Choice

Timber is fast and flexible, the builder’s choice:

  • Timber provides flexibility of design and allows modifications and tweaks to layout during the construction process
  • Builders are familiar with timber and work efficiently with timber
  • Timber is our most sustainable raw material. It results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products

Your timber framed home will be warm and comfortable:

  • Timber is a proven thermal insulator
  • Timber retains heat from the day and releases it at night
  • Timber also acts as a humidity regulator absorbing moisture when humid and desorbing it when the air is dry

Timber is a sustainable, naturally attractive product:

  • Timber used appropriately will exceed the minimum 50 year service life for materials used for the structure of houses in New Zealand - see building code
  • Timber treated with the appropriate level of preservative, and properly maintained, can last in service for 100 years or more

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Current Issues

  • Amendments to the current Building Act
    • Implications for our industry
  • Manufactured building solutions
    • Implications for our industry
  • FTMA to become a member of the Building Industry Federation ( BIF)
  • Promoting the benefits of building with Timber

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